McCullough Juniors Foundation (YADSA)

Truman McCullough had a dream. He wanted ‘his music’ and ‘his dance’ to live on. His passion for both his music and his dance was immeasurable. He went coast to coast following the dance, meeting people and making friends all along the way. West coast swing, shag, push or whip…if there was a club playing the blues, he was there dancing. His greatest joy was watching the kids come along. From Mario, at 15, to today’s beginners, he would go the extra mile to help them learn his dance.

At Americas ’ Classic 2008, he asked Cher and Mario if he could sponsor a new division for the kids. They said absolutely yes. Sadly, Truman did not live to see this dream come true, but Americas ’ Classic is not going to let the dream be forgotten. The fund pays for the full weekend ticket price, entry fees and prize fund for all competitors 17 years old and under. This fund will be expanded as funds allow. This plan will be expanded as funds allow. We are looking forward to supporting these kids, with the help of their instructors, as they learn the dance we all love.

This is where the friends of Truman and the lovers of the dance come in. We have organized a fund in Truman’s name to support the future of our dance…the kids. Any one, any club, and any group that shares this dream, can share in its success. Please click on the "download the donation card" to your right and follow the simple instructions. ACC will keep you updated with the results of the Junior Division and how it grows.

Thank you for your support,
Roxanne Ware
Truman McCullough Foundation Director